The Rouge White & Blue CFL podcast

RWB CFL Podcast #199: On (averted) player strike & more w/John Hodge of 3 Down Nation

May 19, 2022

Like the better part of the CFL-focused world, the Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast got a bit tunnel-visioned this past week about the possibility of a player strike and the implications for the short-, medium- and long-term of the league.

So RWB host Joe Pritchard brought on John Hodge of the 3 Down Nation to talk about just that as well as other issues at the forefront of this offseason and, inevitably, predictions for the highly-anticipated upcoming season. (We promise the talk of a Winnipeg threepeat is kept to a relatively absolute minimum.)

The Rouge White & Blue Podcast: Dodging a bullet with Canadian Football fans…

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