RWB 134: The Good Old Days

March 13, 2019

Os is on assignment, so Joe has Shawn Heimberger on to talk about his first exposure to the CFL, what made him a fan, his experience as a fan, and his return to CFL fandom this past year. Topics brought up during the show include ESPN's early days, his early fandom of the Ottawa Rough Riders and his conversion into being a Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan, the US expansion, the USFL, a vast collection of CFL odds and ends, the potential of Shawn making his first trip across the border, and a whole lot more!

Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast #133 (with guest Josh Smith): Goodbye Johnny

February 28, 2019

As an American podcast about Canadian football, the Rouge White & Blue feels compelled to tie a bow on the CFL career of the most infamous of our countrymen to play up north in decades. And so in this episode, the RWB wishes a hearty “Goodbye, Johnny!” with only a maddening amount of non-transparency about the whole situation with Manziel to distract from the overall joy of J. Football’s departure from our favourite football league.

Since Josh Smith of Pod Skee Wee Wee is aboard as guest, the RWB does discuss more than the perpetually disgruntled Manziel. Josh tells us about the excitement of Hamilton hosting Grey Cup 2021, his assessment of the Tiger-Cats’ performance in free agency, and what kind of competition Josh’s beloved Ticats might see in the East (spoilers: Toronto and no one else are in this race with Hamilton).

And sadly, the podcast contains no actual proof that Antonio Pipkin is the answer in Montreal.

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: Convinced Johnny Football’s the heel in Vince McMahon’s new XFL...

(Shout out and thanks to Primal Scream, who generously and unknowingly let Os rip off and distort their stuff for use in this podcast.)

RWB CFL podcast #132: Talking CFL Free Agency Frenzy with Rod Villagomez

February 14, 2019

CFL Free Agency 2019 has opened and joining the Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast to lament the picking apart of his Ottawa Redblacks is Rod Villagomez of the Wood Cookie Sawcast and the Alliance Football Podcast.

Along with RWB co-hosts Joe Pritchard and Os Davis, Rod also offers takes on the new-look BC Lions and Edmonton Eskimos, the most important singing of this free-agency period early on, and just how good the odds might be on a Atlantic Schooners team winning the East if the league hurriedly expanded for 2019.

Joe and Os go on to discuss the departure of the RWB's former third co-host, Dr. Rouge, and some hard reality that football fans must deal with in the 21st century.

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: Almost signed by Edmonton earlier this week...

Andrew Bucholtz joins RWB to talk CFL on USA TV, ESPN, AAF, XFL and a new CBA

January 31, 2019

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast is back, and joining co-hosts Joe Pritchard, Dr. Rouge and Os Davis this week is returning RWB guest Andrew Bucholtz of Awful Announcing.

With no new collective bargaining in sight and the opening of free agency about two weeks away, Andrew tells us about the CFL's latest TV deal with ESPN/ESPN+ and the future of Canadian Football broadcasting through the ESPN+ service going forward.

Andrew then gets embroiled in this offseason's hot topic, namely the effects on player movement and signings should the nascent American Alliance of Football (AAF) and/or XFL actually stick around as a viable source of employment for pro football players in North America.

And we've got some wild speculation as to the 2019 Winnipeg Blue Bombers, too.

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: All our free agents are re-signed...

RWB CFL podcast episode 130: Remembering the good ol’ Brimingham Barracudas

January 3, 2019

Happy new year from the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast! Now let's get down to talking some CFL -- not to mention CFL USA, AAF, XFL, even a little WFL and USFL -- football.

Joining co-hosts Joe Pritchard and Os Davis for the first RWB Podcast of 2019 is Scott Adamson, a 30-year veteran of American print media who's covered everything from NFL football to PGA golf and who's loved CFL ball since even before the league installed the Birmingham Barracudas in his then-hometown.

As Birmingham has been a favored test market for rogue/alternate professional football leagues since the 1970s, Scott has seen them all come down the pike. His tells us some about his current interest in  the up-and-coming American Alliance of Football (including the Birmingham Iron franchise) and its potential effect on the CFL. 

All in all, this episode contains a lot of of football geekery.

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Faithfully awaiting the return of CFL USA...

RWB CFL Podcast #129: …with visions of Atlantic Schooners dancing in our heads

December 20, 2018

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast closes out year 2018 by looking forward to the future. First up, RWB co-hosts Joe Pritchard and Os Davis enthuse about the reconstruction of nearly the entire BC Lions staff with a new generation of coaches; no matter what the BC roster looks like in ’19, the playbook’ll certainly be interesting.

The RWB then welcomes Gregory James of the Atlantic Zone Coverage podcast, a show devoted to Canadian football especially for fans in the Maritimes (and New Brunswick!). Greg tells is how fan interest and a franchise 35 years (and counting) in the making are evolving in Halifax and beyond, as CFL fans throughout North America optimistically await the Atlantic Schooners, a much-needed 10th team for Canada.

And beyond this … well, Happy Holidays to everyone!

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: Is it 2019 yet?

Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast #128 regales with tales of Grey Cup Partying in Edmonton

November 29, 2018

Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast co-host is ready to make everyone green with envy with tales of his most excellent trip to Edmonton for last week's Grey Cup festivities there.

Sure, Joe and co-host Os Davis talk a little Grey Cup 2018, admiring a textbook 2010s Calgary Stampeders performance, decrying the often-useless concept of Most Outstanding/Valuable Player in title games, and ranting a bit. (OK, that last one is entirely on Os.)

But the accent in this podcast is all on Edmonton: Joe attended the events, partied with podcasters, talked with the tweeters, sat at a Manitoba social or two and enjoyed a few brushes with greatness -- Hear all about the total freakin' awesomeness in this episode of the RWB. 

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: First to ask #IsItNovemberYet...

Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast #127: Perhaps you’ve heard of this Grey Cup thing…

November 21, 2018

What else is there to talk about in all of North American sports to talk about this weekend besides the 106th Grey Cup, a rematch of the 2016 classic between the Calgary Stampeders and Ottawa Redblacks?

Thus do Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast co-hosts Os Davis and Dr. Rouge discuss, analyze and take wild stabs at forecasting what we'll be seeing on Sunday. Among the variables at play in Edmonton include the re-emergence of that historically awesome Calgary defense, the fireworks display put on by Ottawa in last week's East Division final, the suspension/appeal of Jonathon Rose, the Lewis Ward factor and, of course, the weather.

Finally, you bet (so to speak) we have fearless predictions. And next week, Joe will certainly regale us with tales of fun and beer from the Great White North to stay-at-homers such as Os and the Doctor...

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: Is it November already?

RWB CFL Podcast #126: Minimalism rules!

November 15, 2018

This week on the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast, co-host Os Davis is left alone in the booth. And so with traditional RWB partners Joe Pritchard and Dr. Rouge unavailable for episode 126, a minimalist version results.

Thankfully it's not all Os all the time, though, as Dr. Rouge provides text for our rumination, and all three co-hosts have predictions/analysis for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers-Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Ticats-Ottawa Redblacks divisional round games -- and best of all, the whole thing clocks in at less than 20 minutes!

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: One out of three ain't bad...

Rouge white & Blue Podcast #125: Talking CFL playoffs round 1, one wacky Grey Cup prediction

November 8, 2018

"CFL playoffs" is among the very most harmonious and beautiful two-word expressions in the English language, as far as the Rouge, White & Blue Podcast is concerned, so you bet the RWB's talking round one of the postseason this week.

And "bet" may be the operative word here, as co-host Os Davis is still on a rush from a recent trip to Budapest and so speaks of bets you should not make, including his current outrageous Grey Cup prediction which the league itself reckons has less than a 1% chance of happening.

With Dr. Rouge playing the responsible parent and not in attendance, it's up to co-host Joe Pritchard to be the reasonable one -- and even he's geeked about his Winnipeg Blue Bombers' chances.

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Americans loving November playoff football.