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RWB CFL podcast #164: Talking 1995 Baltimore Stallions w/head coach* Greg Smith

June 12, 2020

Normally, the Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast would be celebrating that the question “#IsItJuneYet?” is no longer relevant, but of course this is 2020. Thus the only CFL football happening right now is of the sim variety. For example, the Cold Snap Dream Canadian Football League, of which RWB co-host is commissioner.

Joining Joe and co-host Os Davis for analysis of and discussion about the CSDCFL is Greg Smith. Greg is the head coach – but not the owner! – of the Cold Snap 1995 Baltimore Colts/Stallions and a new devotee of tabletop sports gaming; he talks about learning curves and his team’s 0-2 start in the league. Currently atop the standings board are Joe’s real-life 2019 Winnipeg Blue Bombers and between these two are the 1981 Edmonton Eskimos, the 2003 Edmonton Eskimos, the 1991 Toronto Argonauts and the 1994 Sacramento Gold Miners.

Hey, it may only be simulated CFL football, but it’s CFL football nonetheless…

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