The Rouge White & Blue CFL podcast

RWB CFL podcast #162 — How about those Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

December 6, 2019

Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast host Joe Pritchard would like to remind everyone that his beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the 2019 Grey Cup champions -- and does so on this episode of the RWB.

In what is becoming something of a tradition at the RWB, Joe has returned from Calgary replete with a swell case of the Grey Cup Plague but nevertheless is ready to expound to RWB co-host Os Davis on one jealousy-inducing great time at Grey Cup week.

And yeah, we chat a little about the CFL's so-called "coaching carousel", which this year actually looks a bit more like a game of coaching musical chairs.

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: How can it get better than this...?

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