The Rouge White & Blue CFL podcast

RWB CFL Podcast #136: Talking CFL Draft, Ricky Ray, Prospect Game

May 9, 2019

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast is back after a one-month hiatus, and we've brought Lee Barette, CEO of, with us! 

Lee gives us the details on the June 1 Prospect Game, Canada's first-ever nationally televised game of its kind. This certainly sounds like an interesting development for Canadian football and certainly helps percolate the excitement for the upcoming CFL season.

And speaking of the big league itself, RWB co-hosts Joe Pritchard and Os Davis talk some recent CFL happenings, including last weekend's draft and the just-announced retirement of the already-legendary Ricky Ray.

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: It's almost June already!